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My review of JustHookUp

With some people starting to move over to the adult dating realm, Just Hook Up has become a viable option. People seem to be taking to it like white on rice, so naturally my curiousity was sparked. I decided to take a closer look.


-        With so much competition out there to get your monthly membership fee, I decided to sign up and give it JustHookUp.com a shot. About 20 seconds in I was already getting pop up ads. Of course they make it look like a girl online just looking to chat, but it's pretty obvious that this is a link to another site. Something to avoid.

-        The girls on the site were actually really hot. Most of them seemed real since they weren't over selling but it's always hard to tell. I didn't want to fault JustHookUp too much for their attept at advertising because at the end of the day websites are out to make money. I gave them a second shot and what I found was pretting interesting.

-        Everything loaded on the site pretty quickly. This is especially important when you are dealing with a lot of video and live chat. This was a big concern of mine initially, but I think they did a pretty good job.


Overall, I'd give them three out of four stars.


While I've tried every kind of online meeting service you can imagine, every one has something a little different. In the case of JustHookUp, it was their members. I was really impressed by the girls I chatted with. It was like a breath of fresh air because I was expecting the worst. Without a big online presence, I didn't think I'd see so many interesting profiles but it must have something to do with the underground feels that peaks people's interest. 


In Chicago there are so many members that you won't have enought time to talk to all of the ones on your block. Sure things are a little more scarce in the lower populated areas, but that's to be expected and true with any site like it. 


For those of you just getting your feet wet with this style of site, I would recommend starting with one of the larger sites to boost your confidence a little. Many of those sites have a lot of pretty models interested in talking to you, but as for confidence building, they are dissapointing.  Sometimes


I don't think they are particularly amazing with the website design or even the user interface, but if there is one thing they know it's how to keep their members coming back. The return rate on a lot of sites in this niche are pretty high, but here it's astronomical.


Without ever giving JustHookUp a real shot and signing up, I don't know that I would of tried online adult chat because other places it feels so uncomfortable and contrived. At least here, you can just relax, be yourself and go with the flow.  


Like so many sites before it, I think the day will come that it becomes obsolete but I don't know how far out that day is. Too many people simply can't afford the membership dues of the "pay sites" anymore which is having a big effect on quality.I like to think that someday we will all be communicating freely online without any cost involved whatsoever, but when does anyone think that will happen?



My personal story with JustHookUp was kind of sweet, so I'll tell it before I end the review. When I found out I was going to be writing this article, my girlfriend had just left. She was this beautiful girl-next-door kind of girl who had it all, except for one thing... a sense of humor. The girl could not laugh. Anyways, so once we broke up and I signed up for the site I started chatting with some of the girls to get a feel for talent and I was shocked. These girls were not only beautiful, but they were hilarious too. If you are down on your luck or just looking to party, I recommend giving it a shot.